Montessori 2
(4 years – 5 years)

At CDC kids’ comprehensive and skill-based Montessori 2 program is designed and tailored to meet every child’s individual needs. Our teachers provide opportunities to explore much beyond the books with a wide variety of age-appropriate tasks and activities which help in building a new-age learning atmosphere each day. The Montessori 2 program focusses on creating a fun and a supportive environment to make learning a much more exciting journey. The child’s confidence quotient and critical thinking aspects are aimed at to a greater extent as a part of this program along with the scholastic development.

Elements as a part of the Montessori 2 program include:

– Problem Solving Skills and Cognitive Development
– Elocution and Speech training
– Advanced English Communication (written and oral)
– Mathematical Concepts
– Art and MAD activities
– Value Education
– Basic Science
– IQ Focussed Learning
– Creative Development
– Critical Thinking Sessions
– Sensorial Studies
– Advanced Show and Speak Activities
– Edutainment
– Audio Visual Learning
– Outdoor and Vitamin D Sessions