Montessori 0
(2 years – 3 years)

The CDC kids Montessori 0 program is the 1st stepping stone of the full-fledged Montessori curriculum. It combines all the skills and knowledge acquired by the child during infancy and the toddlers level. The curriculum is planned to cater to the little explorers in the age group of 2 years to 3 years. The concepts of Montessori group learning and primary communication skill development are the focal points of the program.

Elements as a part of the Montessori 0 program include:

– EPL Activities (Exercises of Practical Life)
– Sensorial
– English Oral Communication
– Motor Skill Development
– Music and Dance (MAD lessons)
– Roleplay and Puppetry
– Outdoor and Vitamin D Sessions
– Show and Speak Activities
– Culturals