Montessori 1
(3 years – 4 years)

CDC kids Montessori 1 program focusses on the advanced level development of the child by introducing a variety of age-appropriate teaching aids and Montessori equipment. These teaching aids and equipment make learning more fun and make concepts appear as a game. Montessori 1 aims at building a much more confident and spontaneous individual. CDC kids also conducts various events both in-house and out-house to provide the right exposure to the children. Maintaining the right balance between the scholastic and non-scholastic areas is the core element of this program.

Elements as a part of the Montessori 1 program include:

– English Communication (written and oral)
– Problem Solving Skills and Cognitive Development
– Sensorial Studies
– Edutainment
– Life Skills
– Music and Dance (MAD Activities)
– Little Explorers Time
– Roleplay and Puppetry
– Audio Visual Learning
– Scientific Lessons
– Water and Sand Activities
– Advanced Show and Speak Activities
– Outdoor and Vitamin D Sessions