Who We Are

CDC kids is a chain of high-end early childhood education and care centres catering to preschoolers and providing daycare and after-school care services. We at CDC kids aim at the overall development and nurturing of children between 6 months to 12 years.

The children are well taken care of and given the best in class atmosphere and a homely ambience so they blend in perfectly while they are away from their home. At CDC kids, we follow the footprints of the Montessori methodology of learning inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori. CDC kids centres display a wide variety of scientifically designed Montessori teaching aids of international standards to facilitate the learning process. The on-site team at CDC kids centres are highly skilled and very affectionate to nurture the children by paying personal attention to each one of them.

CDC Kids, a child development centre and not just a preschool and daycare, assures guaranteed progress in the child’s growth.

A child at CDC kids, learns to be himself/herself, takes his/her own decisions, understands, respects other children and learns to interact with others and be habituated to follow a routine and discipline schedule.

We at CDC kids understand the pressures and challenges of working parents and the lack of time to spare for their little ones. We take an initiative to help and lessen the burden of parents and provide the best in class child care. We guide children towards the right direction and help them to polish their skills and explore their hidden talent.

CDC kids being the fastest growing and a top-ranked chain of childcare centres is ought to provide the best services, care and love to both children and parents for a smooth living.

CDC Kids conducts Early Years, PYP, MYP Teachers’ Training programs. Please contact on cdc.psn@gmail.com for the details.

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